Nature Kids Co-op by Play and Learn


Nature Kids Co-op was born out of the need to fill a void for parents who’s children were at school or home schooled and where the child’s environment could not fully support that child’s right to play in an unstructured free play environment.

Nature Kids Co-op by Play and Learn

How are children around the world dealing with this global pandemic? Lovely, a 10 year old in DR Congo is heading back to school, for the first time in five months.

And we are back!!!! After a very loud excited start at the site, the creek calms and centres our delightful, Exuberant happy to be back children! Let the children play 

A young man following his passion.

Nature Kids Co-op by Play and Learn

Make some of these simple bird feeders with ranger glen.

Nature Kids Co-op by Play and Learn

Take a step and breathe.

This looks pretty interesting. Once you’ve spent some energy outside, how about looking at a kakapo burrow??

It’s conservation week. See nature through new eyes.

This article reminds us how humans recharge in nature. I was talking with some wonderful parents last week. We spoke of how tired the children were feeling, how long the year is feeling. Excitingly Auckland get 12 days to recharge in nature. Spend it social distancing in the wilds, you can find in your local area.
Imagine offering this recharge every week. No need to imagine. Because nature kids offers that every week. Join us (when we are back to level two 2)

A great read about education. Grab a cup of tea. Let the kids be. Have a read.

An interesting read. Research done by children.

I like the ‘adults think they need to know everything, we know they don’t and that’s ok’

My favourite thing is to be wrong. In my practice I say the wrong thing often, to explain just because I’m the adult, this doesn’t make me right.

Please go outside with your children today Auckland families especially.

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