So you are interested in joining us? The first step is to fill out an expression of interest. This gives us a chance to get to know you a bit and find out what you would like to get out of the co-op. Upon filling out the expression of interest, a member of the co-op will be in contact to answer any questions you may have and sort out a possible trial day so you can see us in action. 

Costs and Pricing

As a co-op we are set up to be able to run our programme with a minimum of 10 children to cover the costs  of our two teachers. Our equipment (tarps, ropes, trolley, bungees, fire pit, tools, vests, etc) and administrative costs (insurance etc) are covered by our yearly co-op fee. Any moneys accrued over and above wages and equipment are deposited into the trust and their use is decided upon by the co-op and the executive board. We are a non-profit trust. Suggested uses have been for future field trips or possible support for new co-ops.

Cost per session: $45 (usually 10 sessions per term), ask about sibling discounts 

Co-op fee: $80 (per family, per year)

At the moment there are no provisions for missed days (illness etc) as we still need to cover our teacher’s wages.

As we are a co-op, each family is expected to contribute to the running of the co-op through participation of about an hour a week. We have many different roles that need to be covered that can either be participating on the day of the session ( equipment manager, set-up/down, parent help) or for those with less flexibility in their hours, at home in your own time (accounts, enrolments, social media, etc). There is lots of flexibility and support to suit everyone.



Group Dynamics

 One of the important aspects of our programme is group dynamics. Our teachers work hard to help our children learn to express their ideas and feelings in a respectful way.  They are encouraged to identify and own the emotions they are feeling.

This does not mean that all children get along at all times. They are learning to respect  the differences that they all bring to the day and find solutions that are acceptable to all. It is an ongoing lesson.  

 We reserve the right to restrict the attendance of anyone who is unwilling or unable to take the steps to learn this respect and compromise.