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We emphisize child-led learning through free play in nature. With supplies such as ropes and tarpaulins, kids are allowed to take control of their own day and play as they see fit. We have basic rules of safety and respect but allow the children to resolve their own problems with the guidence of our teachers giving them the chance to develop their social and emotional intelligence.


Why join Nature Kids Co-op?

Mental health benefits

Physical development

Self reliance and judgement

Where we play
We operate our programmes in public parks giving our tamariki a chance to get to know the green spaces in their neighbourhood. Before we can ask our children to take care of our world, we must first give them a chance to love it
Time in green spaces has been shown to improve mental health.

What our parents say

I love hearing about their day - the goals and tasks they set for themselves and how they figure it all out together. It’s really cool seeing their resilience, perseverance, exploration, successes and failures shape their day and help them learn about themselves.

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Nature Kids Co-op
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